Planhotel Hospitality group


Planhotel Hospitality Group, to reach its growth objectives and to maintain the leadership in its own market niche, founds its business operations on a solid ethic base constituted by imprescindible values and principles. All the persons within the organization share this culture and the same moral effort to pursue it, embracing with belief the company’s values and principles.

  • Customer Oriented: For years, Planhotel Hospitality Group has established solid and lasting relationships with its partners around the world.
  • Passion: Our employees contribute passionately every day to the growth of the company, thanks to their ideas, experience and professionalism.
  • Limitless: a dynamic company both in its structure and in the flexibility of its employees, to respond quickly to market changes and maintain a constant level of satisfaction for the customers.
  • Authenticity: we build every day with authenticity a human relationship with our customers and partners as well as with our partners.
Group History
Founded in 1997 in Lugano, site of the Group’s headquarters, the Planhotel Hospitality Group has been operating in the tourism sector for over 20 years...
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To succeed we must be actors, not spectators. When a problem threatens the quality of our services, we have the right management personnel to resolve...
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We manage the Group’s resorts in the most professional, effective and efficient ways possible in order to generate a positive return on every aspect for...
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