Planhotel Hospitality group

Group History

Founded in 1997 in Lugano, site of the Group’s headquarters, the Planhotel Hospitality Group has been operating in the tourism sector for over 20 years as a leading hotel management company for resorts and hotels in the Indian Ocean.

The group focuses on management, marketing strategies and distribution, as well as developing the network of its Diamonds Resorts, Sandies Resorts & Hotels and other independent hotels.

Planhotel is renowned worldwide for its unique combination of local tradition and Italian style in both its design and guest services, without forgetting its exemplary all inclusive formula.

To succeed we must be actors, not spectators. When a problem threatens the quality of our services, we have the right management personnel to resolve...
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To achieve above average returns for our owners through professional management, positive communication and interaction with our guests, our employees and business partners by continuously...
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We believe in the family atmosphere. Our resorts & hotels are a home away from home. We are creative and innovative in carrying out our...
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